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Mu-Ti Huang is a product designer with a background in motion design.

Copy of DMV Redesign

Facilitating Lengthy Tasks

DMV Redesign Mockup

Facilitating Lengthy Tasks

California DMV Online Appointment System Redesign


Individual project


UX Designer


4 Weeks




The redesign of the California DMV online appointment system aims to facilitate the user journey and the users are able to schedule office visit appointments as smooth as possible. It was a 4 week individual project for Product Design Studio at UC Berkeley School of Information in the fall of 2018.



This project was specifically asked to focus more on the design execution, so assumptions for user research were acceptable.



These assumptions about the users were also part of the prompt



Target User Interview

Conducted interviews with people that fit the target user profile about

-  The reasons they visit the DMV office
-  Their experience with the online appointment system
-  How they think about the experience
-  How the digital experience could be improved.

Current Condition

The appointment is made through the State of California DMV website. After some user testings (some with prior experience, some not), I had concluded some key pain points of the current website design.



Iteration 1

The main purpose of the attempt was to test if the order of the form is logical and to see how users navigate through the process with a paper prototype.

Iteration 2

Based on the user testing feedback from attempt 1, this iteration was to observe how users behave when they were performing the task in high fidelity mockup.

Final Design

Based on the user testing feedback from attempt 3, this was the final mockup design for the California DMV appointment scheduling system redesign

Other changes included:
-  Homepage (it was saved until this time is because it was not required but I wanted to experiment to see if users would click the “Office Visit Appointment” more often that eventually increase success rate after the redesign of the appointment scheduling process)
-  The wording of on the high fidelity mockup
-  Making options more apparent for the users
-  Visuals that add energy to the lengthy process
-  Making the alternative option during scheduling more coherent with the calendar
-  Making the first available appointment slot more obvious
-  Design the order in alternative scheduling more logical
-  Update on the visual style


Given the basis of the prompt and the time limit of the assignment, the design process was done with many assumptions. In reality, designing a website would need to take much more factors (languages, accessibility, etc) into consideration, and I would love to take on that challenge in the future.