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Mu-Ti Huang is a UX & Motion Designer who designs around emotions.

DMV Redesign

Facilitating Lengthy Tasks


Facilitating Lengthy Tasks

California DMV Online Appointment System Redesign


Individual project


UX Designer


4 Weeks




The redesign of the California DMV online appointment system aims to facilitate the user journey and the users are able to schedule office visit appointments as smooth as possible. It was a 4 week individual project for Product Design Studio at UC Berkeley School of Information in the fall of 2018.



Current Condition

The general public is encouraged by the California DMV office book appointments through their website before they visit to reduce waiting time at the office. However, many people have experienced frictions and confusion during their scheduling process. They might end up spending longer than they have to online or visit the office and test their luck. If the appointment scheduling process could be improved, people would be more willing to complete the reservation and achieve the original purpose of the website.

Current Appointment System

Current Appointment System

The following objectives were given by the instructor. This project was specifically asked to focus more on the design execution, so assumptions for user research were acceptable.

Business Objective

Increase the number of successful office appointment through the flow

User Objective

Schedule an appointment successfully and smoothly

Target User

These assumptions about the users were also part of the prompt



Target User Interview

Although assumptions were acceptable, I still conducted 4 user interviews with people (some with prior DMV experience, some not) after they completed the online appointment process once.


Lack of visual searching

When users were selecting which office they should visit, some of them had to Google different location to see which office is closest to them because it was hard to tell from the current website

Order of the form is not optimal

Users had to scroll down to see the options of reasons of the visit and scroll back up to select how many “items” they want to do

Need for alternative

Users had to start over the process if they could find availability that suit they schedule at the first office location



Designing to improve the pain points of the current website, I created three iterations each with a round of three user testings.

Order of the form

Progress Tracker

Office Location

Scheduling Options

Reason of Visit

“A lot of great concepts in the overall design. The key design changes came through (progress indicator, visual search, re-ordering the flow) as well as some nice smaller improvements (visual emphasis on appointment vs. non appointment)."

— James Reffell, Instructor & Design Director at Clever


Given the basis of the prompt and the time limit of the assignment, this redesign project was overall a success. However, I would like to take on more considerations (responsive design, accessibility, etc.) with more in-depth research into the design process if I were asked to redesign another product in the future.