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Mu-Ti Huang is a UX & Motion Designer who designs around emotions.

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A mobile app for Fovi, an SMS postpartum support startup, to track users’ symptoms and support these users with advice and coach calls.


Accommodating Emotions

Fovi - A Mobile App for Postpartum Support





5 - Designer Team


UX Designer


4 Weeks




Working with Fovi (an SMS postpartum support startup), we designed a mobile app to track users’ symptoms and support these users with advice and coach calls. This was a group project for Product Design Studio at UC Berkeley School of Information in the fall of 2018.

Responsibilities within the Team

  • Designed and moderate overall visual identity

  • Designed “Homepage” and “Edinburgh Scale example”

  • Created an animated prototype and mockup



Design a mobile solution for Fovi (SMS postpartum support startup) to enable new parents to effortlessly log (and health coaches to effectively track) symptoms for common postpartum conditions

Target User

Current Target Users.jpg

User Goal

Effortlessly receive the support they need without taking time out of their hectic schedules caring for their new babies

Business Goal

  • Create an easy way for users to log (and coaches to track and provide advice based on) their symptoms through a mobile application

  • Encourage users to frequently log symptoms



  • Fovi is at the very early stage

    • sms based user testing with limited users

    • no current design and no developer

    • looking for high-level guidance on symptom tracking for future development

  • There was another group that was also working with Fovi, but their focus was designing the onboarding experience. Thus, we assumed that users would be asked to create accounts with basic information and they would also learn how to navigate the app after the onboarding process.



Current Condition

  • Digital postpartum coaching service that helps women with their physical and emotional well-being in the year after childbirth

  • Delivers relevant information verified by medical professions over SMS and provides health coaching sessions over the phone

  • Recently launched a limited pilot in Bay area

  • Plans to develop mobile application in the future; sees symptom tracking as core functionality

Our client had provided us with some data from the SMS chat history, coaching calls information, and user feedback.



Competitor Analysis

In addition to analyzing direct competitor for postpartum services, we also researched other apps for symptom tracking, period tracking, and depression tracking.





The visual identity of Fovi should be calming and supportive. In addition, the wording within the platform should also reflect similar quality to further complete the comprehensive environment.


In order to build trust from the users, the platform should be professional. The Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale would be implemented in the design to exemplify for future professional assessments for different symptoms. Furthermore, it was important to differentiate the difference between chatbot and a human coach while chatting with the user, so that these users would feel more connected to the human aspect of the service.


The flow of the platform should be intuitive and direct when the users use the service. This would not only allow users to reduce the time of usage but also increase their willingness to come back in the future.


Project Scope

Focus on Depression Tracking

We decided to focus on designing for postpartum depression symptom tracking after our research. By focusing on depression tracking, we were able to explore and develop the experience and the flow in greater depth.

Design Principles

  • Balance professionalism with creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere

  • Health application--Information quality and data security important

  • Interface should be approachable, easy to use in a hurry, and not disturbing at night


Design Process

Attempt 1

During the first brainstorming after analyzing the existing data, we came up with some potential features that could be implemented in the experience. We then individually drew what we think the user flow would be and try to combine them together.

 Brainstorming session for user flow

Brainstorming session for user flow


Features from Brainstorm Session



Text or voice input for users to constantly ask and receive feedback according to their current conditions .

Coach Call

Scheduled call with an assigned coach for more in-depth and personal feedback .

Daily Checking

A system that users log their daily symptoms that allows Fovi to take more actions when the situation is worse than certain thresholds.

Edinburgh Scale

Professional assessment for postpartum depression. This scale would be the example of what future professional assessments will be like.



Ways to keep track of the user’s progress.


Additional incentives for continuing using the service, users are able to redeem coupon that help them relax (eg. spa and babysitter)


Ways for users to browse related news or information about postpartum support .


A forum where users can support and give feedback to other users as the way to keep users active after they have gone through the process.


Feedback for Attempt 1

During the converging process and with the feedback from the instructor and guest lecturer, we realized that we need to converge from our explorations so that we can focus on what is the most important experience of the service and deliver the solution in time.

Attempt 2

Attempt 2

We came together and discussed what the core of the platform is, and we got the following conclusion:

 Whiteboarding of the second attempt

User Flow

  • Prioritized ease of symptom logging

  • Quick access to deeper information regarding advice given

Final User Flow


The deliverable for the project was high-fidelity mockup and present to the client.


Focusing on minimizing information overload.

 Animated Homepage Flow

Animated Homepage Flow


Ask Feature

Designed by another designer


Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale

Designed to be an example for future professional assessment.


Additional Considerations

Business Decisions

  • Monetization strategy (who would be the paying customer for this service and how does this influence our design)

  • Fine line between providing medical information and clinical advice

Experience Design Decision

  • Balance maintaining trust/warmth that comes with a human interaction while providing a digital service

Recommended Next Step

  • Clarify long-term value proposition for users (what will engage and encourage users to continuously log symptoms) and potential customers--adjust design accordingly

  • Consider strategies and analogs for scaling coaching support model





It was great to design for Fovi because postpartum support is an important and relevant issue in the states. It helps to learn that designing for people with sensitive emotions is often difficult to execute. By focusing on the holistic aspect of app design, we were able to rapidly iterate our ideas throughout the process. In addition, we scoped down the process of concentrating on postpartum depression tracking, but this design flow would serve as an example for other postpartum symptom tracking situations as well. However, the project would have been more comprehensive and considerate if we could perform user testing through the iterations. Overall, it was a valuable experience to design for such a sensitive yet essential issue for other people.