Mu-Ti Huang - Portfolio
Mu-Ti Huang is a product designer with a background in motion design.

Motion Reel


Positive Impact with Quirky Flavor

2017 Motion Reel



This motion reel showcases works from Parsons School of Design, Viacom, JIC, and other freelance opportunities.
Tips on Taking Breaks, Deskercise, Vifs, Party Fowl, and Viacommunity are listed below. Visit my Vimeo to explore more projects


Multiple Clients


Motion Graphics Designer


4 Weeks


Sketch, InVision


Projects in 2017 Motion Reel


Directing & Motion Graphic

- Vifs
- Catch and Throw
- Tips on Taking Breaks - Part One
- Deskercise - Series One
- Party Fowl

Character Design & Animation

- Viacom 2016 Town Hall Animated Open

JIC Media Group

Design & Motion Graphics

- Intro Sequence for "The Jinxing Show" at Lincoln Center 2016
- Pop Quiz! - Hello Konzi Installation at Grand Central
- Pop On - Product Video

Other Projects

Filming & Motion Graphics

- Shung-Chao Technology Basketball Highlight 2017

Undergraduate Thesis Project

- Level On


Tips on Taking Breaks and Deskercise are series of animations that provide pieces of advice for building healthier working habits for the lobby screen at Viacom’s Times Square HQ.


The objective of these videos is to display the most relevant content for both the employees and the clients of Viacom.

Sustainable and Universal Content

While brainstorming the ideas for the screen, I figured that it would be beneficial to the company if these video content could be reused years after years. Furthermore, the content on the screen should be applicable universally so that everyone can enjoy.

Positive Working Environment

One of the ideas that came across my mind was making a better working environment. Many Viacom employees, including myself, work while sitting in front of desks for the majority of working hours. Thus, I think it would be suitable to provide some advices on exercising or relaxing during work so people could see on their ways to work.

Character Design

Based on the content in the animation, the characters in the animation at the lobby should be designed to be relatable to most people. Thus the design of the characters is stylized yet generalized to be applicable to various topics



At the start of designing the content for the lobby screen, the scope of ideas was limited because the screen not only was not able to produce any sound nor music but also was not connected to the internet nor any sensors for interaction with its audiences.


Attracting Audience

The information on the screen is while useful yet often not appealing enough to everyone. Therefore, by exaggerating the character animation and applying bright colors, people who walk by the screen would more likely to stop by and watch the entire video.



The animations are popular among Viacom employees and our producers encouraged me to develop more similar series based on the same characters. To this day, these contents are still being screened in the lobby.


More Works From Viacom

Some other works that were also design for the lobby screens at Viacom's Times Square HQ.

Daily Routines Made Fun

Vifs is a series of looping animations that depict the daily activities of Viacom employees.


Twerking Turkey

Party Fowl is a two-part series of a dancing turkey animations that capture the spirit of Thanksgiving and the essence of the Viacom Culture.


Turn Up For Good!

Viacommunity Day is a series of promotional animations that provide information for the volunteering community service at both the Viacom HQs in NYC and London.



If I had the honor to work on the screen contents again, I would like to integrate more interaction that would provide different information and content each time different audience play with the screens due to its upgrade on sensors and sound output.