Im Mu-Ti Huang.

I joined Primer because I believe designing digestible and trustworthy information consumption will be a key to a healthier human-information relationship.

In 2020, I received my Master's degree at UC Berkeley's School of Information to learn how to empower UX design via collaborating with different disciplines such as artificial intelligence and information law and policies. Before Primer, I designed at Eightfold.AI to create intuitive and trustworthy AI products for recruiters and hiring managers.

After receiving a BFA in Design & Technology with a Communication Design minor from Parsons School of Design, I worked as a motion designer. I engaged audiences via films, motion design, and interactive installations at Viacom, JIC Media Group, and Season Arts Children Education Institute. I also produced three exhibitions that showcased not only up-and-coming Taiwanese talents but also bridged Taiwanese communities from different industries in New York City.

Outside of design, I’m a gaming/film/karaoke enthusiast with a quirky sense of humor.

Let’s chat! — mu-ti_huang@berkeley.edu